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Dear Partners, we are responding to your registration at, where you have registered your interest to be involved in our Bridging the gap for people with food restrictions / Safe Food / BIN02_2021_002 project.

After the last few weeks of painstaking preparation of the Safe Food Lab. in Bratislava, which will soon start its function of preparing allergen-free meals and bakery products under the guidance of our Chef Denis Mihók and nutritionist Mirka Luberdová, we are just about to take the final step to start ordering and importing the meals that have been prepared and tested by the Safe Food team in the previous weeks.

We will then assign you a discount during the week that will be linked to the Daily Menu in the following period. We would also ask you to fill in the application with your import location details or telephone contacts, which will be used by our couriers to communicate with you. The app is currently filling up with menu details, so don’t be confused if you find it empty today. As for the bakery products, these will be available during April. We will keep you informed. Ordering will be possible from Friday, 24.03.2023. As food preparation is more time consuming, you must ALWAYS order at least 36 HOURS IN ADVANCE. I.e. order no later than Wednesday afternoon for Friday, Thursday afternoon for Monday, Friday afternoon for Tuesday, etc.

Looking forward to a tasty collaboration.

Allergen free, guaranteed.

Safe Food Team